Why Do People Think Democrats Are Anti-2A? Colion Noir Responds to The Breakfast Club’s Question

Why Do People Think Democrats Are Anti-2A? Colion Noir Responds to The Breakfast Club's Question

Democrats Anti 2A

Why Do People Think Democrats Are Anti-2A? Colion Noir Responds to The Breakfast Club’s Question

US Representative Cedric Richmond of Louisiana 2nd District was recently on The Breakfast Club where he was asked why do people think democrats are anti-2A.

During his interview, he talked about wanting a gun called the judge to shoot through a door. Why are is a congressman talking about shooting people through a door? Shooting an unknown target through a door is the complete opposite of responsible gun ownership. One of the four rules of gun safety says, “Identify your target, and what is behind it."

This is not a movie. This is real life and you’re a real-life congressman who makes laws that affect real peoples lives yet you’ve managed to demonstrate in under 2 seconds that you not only don’t know much about guns, you don’t know much about gun safety period.

Just because you have guns doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being Anti-2a. It could very well mean you’re just not Anti-2A for yourself.

The halls of congress are littered with hypocrites so you having a gun means nothing. Your policies and positions on the issues are what make you anti-second amendment or not.

Sure, there are some democrats who are pro 2a. I’ve interviewed one of them on one of my past shows, but can we not sit up here and act like 99% percent of the politicians pushing for the most extreme forms of gun control are democrats?

That’s why people think Democrat’s are Anti-2A, because you all are the ones trying to shove gun control down our throats every chance you get.

Name one anti-gun group that supports a Republican?

That’s should tell you everything you need to know, so don’t come on here acting like you don’t know why people think democrats are anti-2a it’s because y’all say the most anti 2a things.

When the framers wrote the 2nd amendment they just got done fighting a revolutionary war using the most modern rifles of their time. They were literally using weapons of war and decided to protect the use of said weapons in the 2nd Amendment.

So you’re telling me those same people had enough foresight and brilliance to put together one of the most brilliant documents in history, were also too stupid and short-sighted to realize that guns would continue to advance and become more modern?

I don’t hear you saying anything about how they weren’t talking about the internet when they wrote the 1st amendment, which if there was going to be something that the framers could not foresee, it would be the internet.

Also, the Charleston loophole is not a loophole. It was a very deliberate safety measure put in place to prevent the federal government from arbitrarily denying people their 2nd Amendment rights by simply not completing background checks in a timely manner.

The Charleston shooter didn’t get a gun because of a loophole, he got a gun because the people responsible for processing and running the background check system dropped the ball. This had nothing to do with a loophole.

Someone failed to put the right information in the right place so when they went to look for it, wasn’t there. That’s not a loophole it’s government incompetence.

Tell Carol Bowne no one needs a gun in 48 hours. She is a New Jersey woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend after waiting for more than forty days to get approved for a firearm permit that would allow her to buy a gun. The only reason she was trying to buy a gun was that she was scared her ex-boyfriend was going to try to kill her and the only reason she didn’t have her permit to buy a gun is that the New Jersey government is notorious for taking their sweet little time approving permits because the leaders of New Jerseys who surprise surprise are Democrat’s don’t really want their citizens exercising their 2A rights.

So, they do everything in their power to take as long as possible to approve permits.

You talking about Common sense, yet you’re talking about shooting unknown people through your front door with a Judge. You don’t even have a basic level understanding of firearm safety and you’re trying to tell us about common sense?

People don’t think Democrat’s are anti-2A because you let the republicans say it. People think Democrats are Anti-2A Because y’all say it, over and over and over again.

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