Why Do Guns Cost So Much?

Why Do Guns Cost So Much?

Guns are expensive. Even budget guns, relatively speaking, are not cheap. Every wonder: Why are guns expensive? In today’s video we are going to discuss why even cheap guns can be turned into not budget guns by gun economics. I’m doing this to expose some of the hidden costs associated with the practice so the next time you are doing a firearm price comparison on where to spend your hard earned ammo budget on a new blaster, you can get a better sense of how most expensive guns reach their price point.

For most people "firearm money" is a discretionary expense. Tag doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Please, research before you buy. VSO doesn’t necessarily discourage the use of budget rifles for home defense, but an economy gun may hinder you getting setup for home defense properly.

FULL30 video about the rifles : https://www.full30.com/watch/MDI2ODkw/vsordnance-m4gery

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00:00 Primer
01:03 Consumers are tough
01:42 Venn Diagram of Firearm Concerns
02:24 VSOrdnance Disclaimer
02:53 # 1 Supply
05:03 # 2 Liability
06:31 # 3 Taxation is Theft
08:53 Bonus, Market is Broken

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