Universal Background Checks Will Lead to Gun Confiscations

Universal Background Checks Will Lead to Gun Confiscations

Universal Background Checks

⁉️ Universal Background Checks Will Lead to Gun Confiscations

The anti-gun lobby has done a phenomenal job, confusing people about background checks and universal background checks.

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We already have background checks to buy a gun in this country, so whenever you hear a politician or gun-control group talk about background checks or loopholes, they’re actually talking about Universal Background checks.

They like to drop the "Universal" part to confuse you and make it seem like we don’t have any background checks and will be more likely to agree with them on the issue.

Universal Background checks is simply requiring background checks on private transactions, which, on its face, seems innocent enough.

The problem is you can’t enforce it without a national gun registry to check each transaction against.

Not to mention, even with a registry, it doesn’t stop illegal transactions, nor does it stop gun violence.

However, it is the perfect conduit for a government to confiscate guns.

This isn’t a new strategy; governments have been using this strategy to confiscate guns for decades.  

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