Sig’s NEW 3D Printed Silencers: The SLH, SLX, and MOD-X

Sig's NEW 3D Printed Silencers: The SLH, SLX, and MOD-X

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves interviews Jason St. John of Sig Defense about Sig’s new 3D printed titanium and inconel steel. Sig is going additive manufactured aka 3D-printed *only* in the future and moving forward, their rifle and pistol silencers will be 3D printed titanium or inconel. James discusses the new line including the Sig SLH and SLX, a subsonic and supersonic-optimized pair of rifle silencers (respectively) in 5.56 or .30cal, and the modular Sig MOD-X, a removable-baffle design pistol can coming in 9mm or .45 flavors. Check today’s video for the full scoop!

0:00 Intro
0:43 Sig Moving to 3D Printed Suppressors Only
2:05 MOD-X Modular Pistol Silencer
2:36 Shooting the MOD-X
7:43 SLH and SLX Rifle Suppressors
8:24 Shooting the SLH with Super- vs. Subsonics
10:15 The Taper Mount and Clutch Lock Systems
12:40 Full Auto Shooting the MCX/SLH Combo
12:50 SLH/SLX Toxic Gas and Flash Reduction
14:37 Shooting the SLX in Full Auto
14:54 Titanium vs. Inconel Steel
15:25 Short Burst from the LMG68 and SLX Can
15:36 SLH vs. SLX – Which One to Get?
17:17 Shooting SLX with the MCX Spear
17:27 Pricing and Availability
18:08 Full Auto Shooting the MCX/SLX Combo
18:20 Durability
18:58 Conclusion

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