M60 Light Machine Gun Mini Documentary

M60 Light Machine Gun Mini Documentary

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves discusses the history of the M60 light machine gun (LMG) and some of its little-known advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, James reviews reports from the U.S. Army that discuss the effectiveness, range, accuracy, and reliability of the M60. We also look at tests pitting the M60 against its bitter rivals from FN, including the M249 SAW and the M240 or MAG58. While the M60 has been mostly replaced, was this the best idea?

0:00 Introduction
1:14 History and Development
1:49 M60 vs. Browning M1919
3:05 M60 Overview
4:09 Durability and Reliability?
5:13 M60 vs. FN M240
6:40 Army Reliability Tests
7:23 Controversy Over Testing
9:00 M60 vs. M249 SAW
9:20 M60 Accuracy Testing
10:50 Rambo-style Shooting Tests?!
13:17 M60 Walk-Around
16:04 Conclusion

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