Joe Biden Tweets Gun Confiscation Promise and Why You Should Believe Him!

Joe Biden Tweets Gun Confiscation Promise and Why You Should Believe Him!

Biden Gun Control

Joe Biden Tweets Gun Confiscation Promise and Why You Should Believe Him!

How many times is Joe Biden going to have to tell you exactly who he is before some of you start to believe him? Joe Biden recently put up a tweet where he literally says if he’s elected, he’s going to ban assault weapons which we all know means AR-15s and other semi-automatic guns.

He also tweeted about banning “high-capacity” magazines and he wants to pass the universal background checks.

This man is promising you exactly what he wants to do yet and still, I have a lot of people who come on my page and tell me, “Joe Bidens’ not trying to ban guns, he’s not trying to take anybody’s guns.”

He literally told you that he promises to ban AR-15s which is the most popular rifle in this country, where they’re almost 15 to 20 million of them in this country.

How in the world is it that I am fear-mongering or creating an idea about the fact that Joe Biden is going to come for your guns when he’s literally telling it to you and then in reverse is going to have somebody lead the program to do it who has stated, “Hell YES we’re gonna take your ARs and your AK’s.

He put his hand around this same tyrant and said this is going to be my guy for gun control.

He’s going to have a buyback which is essentially a confiscation. You’re going to be forced to register your guns.

He says you can register your guns and keep the ones you already have. But, under the NFA which he plans to put AR-15s under the NFA, you have to pay a 200 tax for each of those guns that you own.

So essentially, what Joe was saying is if you have the money then you can have an AR-15. However, if you’re working class or you’re poor and you don’t have the money to pay for the tax on rifles you have, guess what bro you have to turn them into the government for pennies on the dollar.

Not only is he anti-2a, but he’s also an elitist anti-2a. If you’re rich and you got money to pay for all the 200 tax stamps you want you’re fine with Joe but let you be a working-class person or poor and can’t afford to do that you have to turn your guns in.

For all the “we had eight years of Obama and he didn’t take away guns” people. It’s not because Obama didn’t try to pass gun control laws, it is because he couldn’t!

There is a big difference between not trying to do something or trying to do something and couldn’t.

You can’t give him credit for not trying to ban guns because he tried to ban them and couldn’t do it because he didn’t have enough votes in congress.

Yet here we are in 2020 with the very possibility that the most anti-gun people that we know in our political structure could take the house and the senate with Joe Biden as a president.

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