How I Quickly Clean My Handguns

How I Quickly Clean My Handguns

Clean Handgun

Cleaning my guns is like making my own old fashions, it’s like artwork. I lay everything out and carefully measure everything and savor the moment. However, by the 2nd glass, I’m just pouring everything in the glass and by the 3rd glass, it’s just straight bourbon.

The first couple times I cleaned my guns, it was pretty fun. However, the more I shot and the more guns I bought, the more I found my self trying to clean my guns as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When I clean my guns, I’m not trying to win awards for the cleanest gun at the gun range. I clean my guns so that they run reliably and not so much that I can eat off of them. Therefore, I try not to over complicate the cleaning process.


First I make sure there are no bullets in the gun and take any ammo or magazines and move them completely away from my work station.

When you fiddle with guns as much as I do, loading a magazine, and racking the slide is second nature and sometimes you don’t even realize that you did it.

So, just to be safe, just move the magazines and ammo away from your work area, so you don’t ever have to explain to that person you brought home from the bar why you have a bullet hole in your wall.

Disassemble The Gun:
Next, I do a basic disassembly of the gun. Every gun is different, but the components are generally the same. I take the slide off, remove the recoil spring, and then remove the barrel.

I usually clean the frame first.

I’ll use a brush and brush out the Frame of the gun. Then, I grab my favorite cleaner/Lube which is gun lube from slip2000. (

Some people use a separate cleaner and a separate lube. I only use slip 2000 gun lube because it does it all and does it really well.

I put a little on all the metal to metal contact points and use a brush to loosen any dirt or carbon.

From here, I’ll use a micro fiber towel and wipe it off.

Slip2000 gun lube leaves behind a film that will act as your lubricate. However, I still add a little drop of Lube after I wipe it off just for good measure.

Next, I take the barrel and a brush and brush the feed ramp.

I’ll then take a patch with gun lube on it or micro fiber towel with gun Lube on it and wipe it down removing all the carbon build up.

From there, I take a bore brush and run it through the barrel a few times to loosen up the carbon. Then I’ll take a small patch with some gun lube on it and run it through the barrel a couple times.

I’ll then put a light coating of Lube on the outside of the barrel and wipe it down.

After I’m done cleaning the barrel I move to the slide. I’ll take a brush and try to remove any loose debris. Then I’ll take my gun lube and put a small amount on all the metal to metal contact points. Then I’ll take my micro fiber towel and rub the slide down and wipe it off.

After that I put the gun back together and I’m done.

That’s it.

Like I said, I try not to over complicate my cleaning process.

If you really wanted to, you could do a complete take down of your handgun and clean every inch of it, which isn’t a bad idea to do from time to time if you have a-lot of rounds shot through your gun, otherwise, most handguns will run reliably as long as they’re decently clean and lubed.

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