Georgia Senate Races To Determine The Fate of The 2nd Amendment

Georgia Senate Races To Determine The Fate of The 2nd Amendment

Georgia Senate Races

Georgia Senate Races To Determine The Fate of The 2nd Amendment

On January 5th 2021, the Georgia Senate Races comes down to the Georgia senate runoff election. This election will single handedly decide which political party controls the Senate.

As a gun owner, if the democrats win the two senate seats, your ability to exercise your second amendment rights will be in danger and here’s why.

The two democrats running for the 2 senate seats are extremely Anti Second Amendment.

Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff are the two democrats running for the two senate seats.

Warnock is a pastor who touts his anti-gun stance in his sermons.

And take a good guess at who is endorsing & donating to Raphael Warnock campaign? IF you said, the Anti-Gun group The BRADY PAC who wants to ban semi-automatic guns, you’d be correct.

The Executive Director of Georgia Gun Owners says, "Warnock is the most radical anti-gunner ever on the ballot in Georgia History. Even more radical than his top supporter, Stacey Abrams." (

Then there’s John Ossoff. The two faced assassin who’s like Beto’s smarter slimy brother.

Unlike BETO who said, "Hell Yes Were Going to Take Your AR-15" as a Texas State Representative in one of the most pro gun States in the country, John Ossoff understands that Georgia is a gun state so in one Ad targeted to Conservative voters he pandered and said I’ll defend the 2nd amendment but to Ads targeted to Liberal Voters makes no mention of the 2nd amendment. Saying you’ll Defend our 2nd Amendment while wanting to ban the most popular guns used by civilians for self defense is like saying you’ll Defend our 1st Amendment while trying to ban the internet.

And again, guess who announced their support for Jon Ossoff in this election. Everytown, the most anti second amendment group in the country.

If the democrats win the two Georgia senate seats, the senate will be split straight down the middle 50/50 with the tie breaker on any gun control legislation that the democrats try to pass in the senate if Joe Biden becomes President is Kamala, "I’ve never met a gun control bill I didn’t Like" Harris.

The democrats already control the house and with Kamala being the tie breaker in the senate, we all know Joe Biden will Rubber Stamp any Gun Control bill that comes across his desk, because his personal gun control plan reads like a how to destroy the second amendment for dummies pamphlet.

At that point all we’d have is the Supreme court to protect the constitution, but oh wait, I forgot, the democrats won’t answer any questions about them possibly trying to pack the supreme court with judges that will rule in their favor if they win control of the senate.

If this happens, there’s literally nothing legislatively or judicially that can stop them from pushing their 2A destroying gun control plans down OUR throats.

So please, please, I’m begging you, if can vote in Georgia, vote to protect the second amendment!

If you don’t live in Georgia, share this video far and wide so that people who can vote in this election get the message, because the Anti-Second Amendment groups like Everytown are spending millions on people who are specifically dedicated to call people in Georgia to go and vote in this election.

Let my voice be your voice & share this video far and wide so that people of Georgia can learn exactly what the Anti-gunners are trying to do to their 2nd Amendment Rights.

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