FN 509 LS Edge – The Ultimate Self-Defense Gun?

FN 509 LS Edge - The Ultimate Self-Defense Gun?

FN 509 LS Edge

This is the FN 509 LS Edge a whole brand spanking new gun from FN, but you know that because you’ve never seen this gun before. The FN 509 LS Edge is FN attempt at creating the ultimate defensive handgun. At least that’s how I see it.

Usually, when I see a handgun with a five-inch barrel I assume it’s going to flippy as hell and take forever to return back to the battery, which is why I’ve never really been a fan of the Glock 34. I know some people love it, I can’t really stand it.

I like to shoot fast so I notice things like this, which Is why I typically like shooting handguns with shorter slides. Apparently, I’m not the only person aware of long handgun slides’ tendency to be flippy and take ions to return back to the battery, because FN clearly did everything in their power to mitigate those things on the LS Edge.

They added lighting cuts to make the slide lighter and thus track faster and minimize the amount of weight that will hang off the back of the gun under recoil. This in turn makes follow-up shots a lot easier. But, considering the LS edge comes with a patented optics mounting system, the gun’s long sight radius became inconsequential once I put a Leupold delta point pro on the gun.

But, if you run irons just now you the LS Edge has a long sight radius. Call me crazy, but if a gun isn’t designed for concealed carry, It should have the most aggressive grip texture short of causing pain.

A big part of being able to control your gun is getting a good grip on the gun. My hands tend to be ashy so I’m constantly putting lotion on, so I like my guns to be grippy. I don’t really know what to call the grip texture on the LS Edge, but it looks like what my hair looks like when I don’t brush or pick it out, so I’ll just call it NAPPY, but it is very grippy even when I put on a ton of lotion to shoot this shot.

The LS EDGE comes with a 5” target-crowned, hammer-forged barrel. I’ll be honest and say, I don’t know what the hell target-crowned means. I googled it and it has something to do with protecting the rifling of the barrel thus making the gun more accurate. So I took some NOSLER match ammo, found a still target, and shot it over and over in the exact same spot, and well, you can see for yourself.

The trigger of the LS Edge is a Flat-Faced, facet-edge trigger that breaks cleanly at 90 degrees. Hearing me say all of that means nothing. You have to actually shoot it and experience it to really understand. It kind of makes the gun feel like it’s easier to shoot. Initially, I wasn’t really blown away by it. However, after shooting it extensively, I started appreciating the 90-degree break.

That said, I think triggers are subjective and I can some people loving it and some people being a bit indifferent, but no one is going to walk away saying they hate the trigger. This gun looks damn good, and I mean damn good. Like I really mean damn good. The contrasting graphic PVD Finish and the Black frame is just pure sex if you ask me and the gun just has a presence to it that is usually only achieved by steel-framed guns.

As I’ve said before in many videos, I have the hands of a hobbit, so I can get really annoyed by a magazine release that’s hard to actuate. In the case of the 509 LS Edge, I was always able to easily find the Oversized, knurled magazine release.

I tend to favor guns with shorter slides. I did a review on the FN 509 Compact MRD and I freaking loved it, so clearly FN can do shorter slide guns, but clearly, FN wanted to take it up a notch and create one of the most complete guns they’ve ever created and not only did they create it, I think they killed it.   

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