Don’t California My Texas, We Love Our Guns

California Gun Laws

I believe in the coming months and years there is going to be a wave of people moving away from places like California and moving to more gun-friendly states like Texas and rightfully so because Texas is Awesome.

We Texans are very inviting to people from California, but that doesn’t mean we want you to California Our TEXAS.

Don’t bring any of that weirdo anti-gun ideology that you all had in your state to Texas.

Don’t get me wrong, there are aspect of California that I absolutely love, bring the women, bring the weather, bring the fashion, bring the Movies, Bring the Music, but….

We don’t want your universal background checks,

We don’t want your high capacity magazine ban,

We don’t want your assault weapon ban,

We don’t want your waiting periods,

We don’t want your gun registry,

We don’t want your open carry ban,

We don’t want your concealed carry ban,

We don’t want your ammo tax,

and we don’t want your gun-free zones, this is Texas, we like guns and we like them a lot.

Over here, we like freedom and we like our guns. We don’t like to be coddled, we like our government limited, and when people do stupid things there are real consequences so if you’re one of those people who want to leave places like California and New York and want to move to a place like Texas or any state like it, bring your guns, bring ammo and bring your manners, but please leave all that gun control mess over there.

Don’t come over here and start trying to vote in the same leaders and policies you’re now running from.
We want good people who are living in a stupid city or state, so if this is you and you’re coming to embrace freedom, the constitution, and the 2nd Amendment … we welcome you to Texas.

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