Defund Gun Control

Defund Gun Control

Defund Gun Control
Defund Gun Control

Every year over 30,000 people die from a gun-related death. The vast majority of these deaths are suicides. The majority of the remaining deaths are from the inner-city gang and drug violence. The remaining is Generalized violence and accidents.

As tragic as these deaths are, we have 400 million guns and over 300 million people in this country.

30,000 is roughly .01%. Not 1% and not .1% but .01% of the population.

That is exceedingly far from the epidemic that anti-gun politicians constantly claim.

However, every year, we spend millions of dollars and countless hours of time paying for, talking about, and implementing gun control laws that do little to nothing to save the 30,000 lives that are lost every year.

In 2000 Maryland spent 5 million dollars on a bullet ID program. The program lasted 15 years and didn’t solve a single crime. Not a single one. And now California is doing the same thing.

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Many Antigun politicians are in favor of a national gun buyback.

A national gun buyback program would on the low end cost the American people 3.2 billion dollars and on the high end 16 Billion Dollars.

Anti Gun Politicians also want to force people to registrar their AR-15s and Standard capacity magazines under the National Firearms Act. To register each one of your guns and magazines under the National Firearms Act will Cost you $200 per gun and per magazine over ten rounds.

Even voluntary local gun buybacks are a waste of money. In 1974 Baltimore had a buyback paying people $50 a gun for 3 months.

They got 13,400 guns. The city spent $670,000 to buy broken and useless guns that weren’t a danger to anyone in the first place.

No one is selling good guns for $50 dollars when you can take the same gun to a gun store and get triple that amount.

If you adjust that amount for inflation, that’s 3.6 million dollars! They’re literally funding criminals new gun purchases! It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen just to say you’re doing something. How about doing something that actually works! (

Instead of spending our financial resources or human capital and energy passing, implementing, or enforcing useless gun control laws, we should be addressing the underlying mental health issue of suicides, the Underlying social-economic issues of inner-city violence, and the lack of firearm education among the masses that result in accidental deaths.

Doing this would actually save lives instead of purporting to save lives.

The DEFUND GUN CONTROL Movement is about divesting our precious resources from Useless and unconstitutional Gun Control laws and focusing these resources on addressing the underlying issues of suicide, inner-city violence, and accidental gun deaths AND Protecting the second amendment instead of forcing the American people to pay for the violation of their 2nd Amendment rights.

Defund Gun Control

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