California City Requires All Gun Owners To Lock Guns or Disable Them While At Home

California City Requires All Gun Owners To Lock Guns or Disable Them While At Home

Chapter 5.89 to Title 5

Added to the Dublin Municipal Code, the ordinance known as Chapter 5.89 to Title 5, states, "No person shall keep a firearm within any residence unless the firearm is stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock."

Gun owners in Dublin California will soon be required to store their firearms inside a locked container or keep it disabled with a trigger lock while inside their home after the City Council unanimously approved the new ordinance at its meeting last week.

I get it, the idea of a kid finding a loaded gun and accidentally shooting themselves and or others terrifies people and it terrifies me, so I’m not against safely storing your gun however you see fit based on your particular circumstance.

No one wants to see kids get hurt from accidental shootings, but mandating that every single person with a gun in their home have it locked up is going way too far and honestly will do more bad than it does good because the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Do these people realize how fast self defense situations actually happen? According to the FBI the average self defense shooting happens in 3 secs. There are people who woke up with a home invader in their bedroom. A gun locked in a box would hurt them not help them.

On the Absolute low end and I mean the number used by anti-gun groups, Firearms are used for home defense over 20,000 times a years, but most studies show it to be nearly 5-9 times that.

Where as In 2020 there have been 220 accidental shootings involving children. As tragic as that is, that number pales in comparison to the number of people who will end up having to use their firearm for home defense.

If people with kids want to lock their guns up in a gun safe or disable them, they have every right to and if other people with kids, choose not to and instead prefer to teach their kids firearm safety, they have every right to, but it should be a decision they make on their own and not because a bunch of politicians on a zoom meeting decided they know what’s best for you.

If they spend more time focused on teaching firearm safety in a country with over 400 million guns in it, those accidental gun deaths at bare minimum would be cut in half, because Im pretty sure a lot of these accidents are happening in the homes of people new to guns or ignorant about guns beyond simply owning them.

The gun community has been fanatical about trying teaching gun safety to not only adults but also kids.

We have entire programs dedicated to it, like the National shooting sports foundations Project Child Safe and the Eddie Eagle program from the NRA, but instead of going to these organizations to help them spread the word about gun safety, they vilify and slander them so that the people that need to hear the message the most don’t.

Y’all don’t care about kids dying, you care about politicking and making legal gun ownership as burdensome as possible so that no one will want to do it.

If you truly were trying to save lives and this stupid ordinance was the way to do it, you wouldn’t have carved out an exception for police.

I must have missed that stat that says police officers kids are bullet proof and never have accidental gun deaths.

If you truly cared there would gun safety ads running on the tv and online non stop.

You all spends millions to vilify guns and the people who own them but won’t spend a dime on gun safety education or gun training initiatives?

If you want to lock your guns up be my guest, but forcing people to do it regardless if they need to or not is ridiculous.

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