Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “Still Don’t feel safe around other members of congress” for having a gun

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "Still Don't feel safe around other members of congress" for having a gun

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gun

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "Don’t feel safe around other members of congress" for having a gun

No one in congress is trying to kill you and the fact that you would even remotely insinuate this is disgustingly disingenuous.

When anchor Chris Cuomo asked why she did not attend, Ocasio-Cortez said, “I think we also had very real security concerns as we mentioned earlier. We still don’t yet feel safe around other members of Congress.”

Cuomo asked, “How many are we?”

Ocasio-Cortez said, “I think a very considerable amount.”

Cuomo asked, “You really think colleagues of yours in Congress may do you dirty?”

Ocasio-Cortez said, “Yeah, well, one just tried to bring a gun on the floor of the House today. I believe it was Representative Andy Harris from Maryland. He tried to bring in a gun on to the House floor. For individuals who don’t know, guns are not allowed in the District of Columbia and certainly the House floor. There are separate House rules that prohibit the bringing in of firearms. These are rules that date back to the Civil War. These are individuals that are trying to sneak firearms either illegally or in direct violation of House rules. Why does a member of Congress need to sneak a gun on to the House floor?”

I’ve often said that Some of the most dangerous people in the world are dumb people with power who have just enough information to think they know everything. This is why I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most dangerous people in congress right now.

I get so tired of this notion that anyone who carries a gun does so because they want to kill someone. We have over 400 million guns in the country and over 18 million concealed weapon permit holders, yet there are less than 10 thousand gun homicides a year with the vast majority of those homicides being drug and gang-related committed with guns obtained illegally.

If concealed weapon permit holders were the problem, you would have heard about it already. For crying out loud, statistics show that on average concealed carry permit holders are more law-abiding than government police, so this notion that you fear for your life because people in congress carry a gun for protection is nothing more than gaslighting from the same woman who proposed making a list of people who strongly supported trump so you can cancel them, which makes a stronger argument for why she probably shouldn’t be trusted.

Instead of trying to vilify your colleagues in Congress for exercising their constitutional right how about using this instance to create a law or programs that teach basic firearm safety on a national level.

Unintentional gun deaths are actually exceedingly low, it’s like less than 10% of gun deaths. So imagine how much lower we could make it if we prioritized actual gun safety education instead of gun control laws masquerading as gun safety.

Then you would actually be saving lives and not just trying to look like you are.

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